The Blum Jewish Education Project brings Western New Yorkers to the Cofeld Judaic Museum and Temple Beth Zion to learn about local history, architecture and culture, and to gain a deeper appreciation for Jewish heritage.


Photography provided by Chris Gascoigne


The Blum Jewish Education Project provides a series of workshops that includes in-depth sessions about Jewish symbolism, and the immigrant experience for:

❖ DEI groups

❖ Interfaith groups

❖ University groups

❖ Students in grades 6-12, including topics within the Common Core and New York State Standards


Legacy of Light: The Journey of Temple Beth Zion and Jewish Buffalo

Award-winning Antica Productions, filmmaker Trisha Pickelhaupt, and the Blum Project team have created an inspirational documentary that will be shown to students prior to participating in the workshops. This film has been designed to engage the students and generate thought provoking conversation.

Project Materials and Curriculum Guides

Project related materials and curriculum guides will be provided for teachers and administrators that will highlight workshop pedagogy.


Photography provided by k.c. kratt

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Object-based learning ignites every participant's natural curiosity. Trained educators will invite group members to participate in answering the questions, “What do we see? What do we know? What do we wonder?”


Photography by Catherine Linder Spencer, Cofeld Judaic Museum, 2023

Symbolism Workshop

Using the collection of the Cofeld Museum and the art and architecture of Temple Beth Zion, participants will engage with a wide variety of symbols both universal and Jewish in origin. They will learn how symbols are used and have been meaningful in culture, religion and tradition. Participants will unravel origins, meanings and significance through various hands-on gallery activities led by trained educators. By engaging in these observation and discussion based activities, students will reflect on how different symbols are meaningful within their own cultures and those of others.

Immigration Workshop

To develop a deeper understanding of the experiences of immigrants, students will examine the art collection and artifacts of the Cofeld Judaic Museum with a focus on themes including assimilation and collective identity. Through observations and discussions students will be able to reflect upon the personal experiences of immigrants, and be able to make connections between historical events and contemporary issues.


Kindergarten Class clipping, Buffalo Scrapbook Series, Special Collections, Grosvenor Room, Buffalo & Erie Public Library, Buffalo, NY


New York State and Common Core Standards

We use Next Generation Learning Standards developed by New York State to provide fundamental structured pedagogy and Common Core requirements.

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